Our Leader

In the test and challenge, the company has gone through more than ten years of ups and downs, from the unknown small cloth line developed into a spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing integrated vertical production capacity of the enterprise. Enterprises in the support of all sectors of the establishment, growth, development. With such support, the group will not stop moving forward, but only with unremitting efforts to repay.

Pioneering is the group's theme:
The group never thinks it has done a better job, but it is determined to do a better job. With better raw materials, better equipment, better technology, production of better products, better efficiency is the group's larger goal.

Scientific management is the pursuit of the group:
The competition of enterprises is the competition of management, and the success of enterprises is also the success of management. While importing foreign capital, foreign equipment and foreign technology, selling products abroad and obtaining foreign exchange income, the group is committed to absorbing foreign advanced management experience and forming its own scientific, standardized and efficient management characteristics based on its own reality.

Hard work is the spirit of an enterprise:
Merit worship but ambition, industry wide but diligence. Entrepreneurs firmly believe that with blood and sweat can forge brilliant career, the world is changing, the market is changing, but with the enterprise through the long road this spirit will never change. Not to advance is to retreat the crisis consciousness, love factory such as the responsibility consciousness condenses into this kind of spirit, is the group more valuable wealth.

Honesty and trustworthiness is the principle of an enterprise:
In the market competition, people in the performance of their own ability, but also in the display of their own moral character, the enterprise is to use the high quality of products, good reputation and perfect service, to all our friends show our moral outlook: can't do not say, said will do.

Achievements in front of the enterprise will not be idle; In the face of difficulties, the enterprise will not retreat, our choice is: never stop, always forward.