Donglong FW23 Down Jacket Fabric Renaissance

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Donglong Down Jacket Series FW23 

Theme: Renaissance x Eco-friendly


主题:文艺复兴 x 可持续性

Episode1: Tech-handed fabrics


1. 亮面油光Shiny/glossy: as the sunshine in the winter; as the warmness in the coldness; as the enthusiasm at the young age 

2. 奢侈手感Deluxe feeling: 100% nylon shiny PU is used greatly in the recent luxury apparel brands 

3. 户外功能性Functional: waterproof, windproof, and downproof"; applicable and customised tailoring to the customers' requirements on the testing standard 

4. 轻薄防水Lightweight and Downproof: options ranging from 30gsm to 60gsm

Episode2: Dupont Teflon

@Donglong Teflon Puffer Jacket


1. 防水透气Waterproof and breathable: Water-resistant which reaches grade 90 (before washing). By avoiding the sweat and water absorbed into the fabrics, we would prevent being felt cold

2. 耐穿耐磨 Wear resistant: very resistant to scratches thanks to the excellent durability and toughness by DuPont Teflon

@Dupont Teflon tag

Episode3: Dupont Sorona


1. 棉感面料 Cotton-feeling: comfortable texture, letting you forget you are wearing chemical-made fabrics

2. 无氨弹力 Stretch without spandex: Elastic but no spandex applied would bring better color fastness and more durable conditions 

@Sorona OS20 Summit

3. 环保面料 Sustainability: high-performance and eco-efficient fabrics (provided with Dupont Sorona tag) 

Episode4: Pattern-altering 

@DONGLONG Color-changing Jacket 2022

1.温控面料temperature-controlled fabrics: pattern-chaging textile gives you a new mood. When the temperature is lower than 10 degree celsius, the pattern of the fabrics would appear. 

2. 适用于户外极限运动 Wearable for extreme outdoor activities: their fabrics still maintain its soft texture in a cold weather  

AW23 Pantone Core Classics

@Pantone AW22/23

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