Examining Classic Fabric Trends Through High-End Down Jackets

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Glossy Nylon 亮面尼龙


A metallic-like sheen and reflective effect. 

The texture is soft, and it possesses multiple functionalities, 

maintaining a stylish appearance 

even in freezing weather.

Mirror-effect laminated nylon

The surface of metallic down jacket fabric

often has a strong luster, 

allowing it to reflect a unique metallic 

sheen in the light.


Mate Polyester/Spandex 哑光四面弹

@Canada Goose

Matte down jacket fabric presents 

a soft, low-luster appearance, 

unlike glossy surfaces that attract attention. 

The smooth surface achieves a more understated 

and modest look, suitable for designs 

emphasizing a minimalist style.

Matte fabrics are typically used in 

dark color palettes, providing 

a sense of stability and maturity.

Matte down jacket fabrics often 

exhibit excellent abrasion resistance, 

making them well-suited for outdoor activities 

as they are less prone to 

damage or developing a glossy appearance due to friction.


Micro-ribstop nylon 微孔格子尼龙


By incorporating a special fiber grid 

into the fabric, it becomes more 

resistant to tearing under stress, 

thereby enhancing the jacket's durability

and protective performance.

微孔格子尼龙面料:micro-ripstop down jacket


Nylon softshell 尼龙软壳面料


All-round mountain apparel uses versatile fabrics 

to deliver a silky comfort and 

easy on-and-off wearing experience

面料选择:尼龙平纹 nylon plain weave

Warm, weather resistant, 

exceptionally durable softshell jacekt 

Air permeable mid layer insulation with abrasion and weather resistant outer surface


Outdoor fabrics have always prioritized 

versatility, functionality, comfort, and environmental friendliness. 

This is also a field that Donglong has been 

deeply committed to for a long time. 

For more information on fabrics, 

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